1950      Born Glasgow   
1968-73 Studied Glasgow School of Art

1972     R.S.A. Painting Award                 
1973     Post Graduate Study Award         
1973     W.O. Hutcheson Prize for Drawing
1973     Travelling Scholarship, Greece
1987     Lauder Award, Glasgow Art Club              
             Scottish Amicable Award, The Royal Glasgow Institute of the Fine Arts
1989     Elected member of The Royal Glasgow Institute of the Fine Arts
1997     Elected member of The Royal Scottish Society of Painters in Watercolour
2006    David Cargill Award, The Royal Glasgow Institute of the Fine Arts
2008    Residency, L’Association Charles Rennie Mackintosh, Collioure
2013     Crinan Residency Award, The Royal Glasgow Institute of the Fine Arts

1977     John D Kelly Gallery, Glasgow
1980     The Scottish Gallery, Edinburgh
1985     The Fine Art Society, Glasgow
1986     Harbour Arts Centre, Irvine
1988     The Fine Art Society, Glasgow
1989     The Fine Art Society, Edinburgh
             Portland Gallery, London
1990     Macaulay Gallery, Stenton
             The French Institute, Edinburgh
1992     Portland Gallery, London
             Open Eye Gallery, Edinburgh
             Roger Billcliffe Fine Art, Glasgow
1993     Macaulay Gallery, Stenton
1994     Open Eye Gallery, Edinburgh
             Portland Gallery, London
1995     Roger Billcliffe Fine Art, Glasgow
1996     Macaulay Gallery, Stenton
Richard Ellis, Glasgow
1997     Everard Read Gallery, Johannesburg
             Open Eye Gallery, Edinburgh
1998     Portland Gallery, London
             Roger Billcliffe Gallery, Glasgow
1999     Corrymella Scott Gallery, Newcastle upon Tyne
2000    Open Eye Gallery, Edinburgh
             Everard Read Gallery, Cape Town
2001     The Everard Read Gallery, Johannesburg
2002    Open Eye Gallery, Edinburgh
             Lemon Street Gallery, Truro
2003    Roger Billcliffe Gallery, Glasgow
2004    The John Davies Gallery, Stow-on-the-Wold
2005    Red Box Gallery, Newcastle upon Tyne
             Henshelwood Gallery, Newcastle upon Tyne
2006    Everard Read Gallery, Johannesburg
             Thompson’s Marylebone, London
2007    Open Eye Gallery, Edinburgh
             Everard Read Gallery, Johannesburg
             Roger Billcliffe Gallery, Glasgow
2008    The John Davies Gallery, Moreton-in-Marsh
              Everard Read Gallery, Cape Town
2010     Roger Billcliffe Gallery, Glasgow
             Inverarity, Glasgow
2011      Portland Gallery, London
              Lemond Gallery, Glasgow
2012     Open Eye Gallery, Edinburgh
              Rowallan Castle, Ayrshire
2014     Open Eye Gallery, Edinburgh
             Gallery 1 at Crinan Hotel

2016    Open Eye Gallery, Edinburgh
2018    Open Eye Gallery, Edinburgh

The Royal Glasgow Institute of the Fine Arts and

The Royal Scottish Society of Painters in Watercolour.
Works in private and corporate collections worldwide.

Anglo Platinum Ltd.
APW Group
Argyll County Council
Atlantic Investors
Cape Grace Hotel, Cape Town
Cargill Inc.
Clyde Property, Glasgow
Clydesdale Bank PLC
Craig Capital Corporation USA
Dawn Group, Glasgow
De Beers
Deloitte & Touche
Diageo PLC
Dick Institute, Kilmarnock
Drambuie PLC
Dunedin Fund Managers
Edinburgh Fund Managers
Edinburgh Tapestry Company
Ellerman House, Cape Town
Enterprise Oil, London
First National Bank of South Africa
Ford Collection USA
Glasgow School of Art
Halifax S.A.
Henry Abram & Sons
Harper MacLeod
iOcore (Pty) Ltd.
Kelmac Group
Leeds Education Authority
Lillie Art Gallery, Milngavie
Nedcor Ltd.
Old Mutual PLC
Paintings in Hospitals, Scotland
Royal Bank of Scotland PLC
S.A. Eagle Insurance  
Safeway PLC
Scottish Amicable Assurance Co. Ltd.
Scottish Arts Council
Scottish Office, Edinburgh
Scotts Restaurant PLC
South African Government

St. Andrews University
The Grace Hotel, Johannesburg
Task (UK) Ltd.
Tods Murray WS
Touche Ross

Walter Scott & Partners Ltd.

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